Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ode to thee, Promethazine

I finally got my new prescription filled last night. I took it right before bed because the pharmacist insisted it would make me 'very, very drowsy.' So I guess no front axel on this medication.

Woo wee he wasn't kiddin. I slept like a dead Bigfoot I did. I woke up and for once I did. not. feel. nauseous. I shall say no more, do not want to jinx it, because I'm 12 and I still believe in that crap. I also believe in the game 'RMP' and if you don't know what that is, tis a sad thing.

Today my 3rd grader is having a 'Chocolate" party at her school, and I am partaking by bringing ice cream and chocolate syrup. But I will be known as the cool mom because I also bought 'Magic Shell' and as everyone knows, that's just the coolest. Al's mom has got it goin' on. Yes ah do.

I have to go shower now, but I shall leave you with two things. A top 5 list, and a picture of what I got for Mother's day. It shall from this day forth be dubbed the "Guilt Ring", as in, my wife is throwing up every single day and I feel bad cuz I can still eat an entire blooming onion in front of her so maybe if I get her this she might feel better. And yes, I DO.

Top 5 foods I have been unable to keep down in the past 3 months:
5. Bran flakes. Oh hell no.
4. Miso soup, actually, any soup.
3. Chocolate. Well, I haven't even tried. Even looking at it makes me sick. It's so sad.
2. Whole wheat toast. Why? White toast is fine.
and the number one thing I cannot keep down?

1. Any type of burgers from anywhere but McDonalds. Do you know how sick this is? I loathe McDonalds. But for some odd reason, they comfort me. Very weird.

Oh and p.s.? Culver's will now officially be known as the First Public Place I Had to Hurl. (the port-a-potty doesn't count, at least no one could hear me! Eww!)


AL said...

OMG - I am so jealous of your "Guilt Ring" - it is beautiful. Hope you had fun at the party!

paintergirl said...

Oh you dear sweet pregnant girl. I believe in jinxing things to-so say no more. Is RMP something to do with Bloody Mary, because i believe that too. At 39, if I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, i will avoid looking at any mirror.

#1 food i craved while pregnant
BK's fish sandwich.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

My goodness, Jana. Don't the docs offer any hand pats? Shoulder pats? Hugs? Pish.

kalki said...

I LOVE the ring. LOVE it. Gorgeous.

Vajana said...

AL- don't be jealous. The hurling is not worth a 10k diamond. Seriously. I puked in a PORT A POTTY.

PG: Ha! Oh, fish sandwich go down easily, but come back with a vengeance.

Hoss: Yeah, uh, nope. Just drugs.

Kalki: Thank you! I totally heart it too.

CameraDawktor said...

I am drooling with envy here, that is the EXACT same ring I am hoping to get one of these days.

Very cool!