Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stupid Girls

I just love that song by Pink. I hope I can raise my daughters to think for themselves. Pink is such a great role model, in my opinion. Doesn't take crap!

Every morning I have woken up thinking, boy I need to blog. I have solidified myself as never becoming a writer, cuz jeebus if I can get writer's block from a BLOG, a novel would give a breakdown.

Here is something very anti-soccer mom: WE DO NOT HAVE SOCCER FOR A MONTH! YIPPEE!!!! I am so elated I could cry. Not only that we don't have practice and games to shuffle to, but all the politics and gossiping that the soccer 'world' emanates. It amazes me the B.S. people create for themselves about the most ridiculous things. I am just as glad to have the girls out of school. There is a few girls in particular in the 3rd grade that I will be looking forward to my daughter getting a break from. Remember when Al stood up for herself the other day? Well, it was over who was sitting by whom at lunchtime. There is a certain girl who sort of 'monopolozies" her, and does that whole "If-you-don't-sit-by-me-you're-not-my-friend" bit. When Al finally stood up to her, it came back to her that allegedly this girl told everyone she wished "her mom would have a miscarriage." Al came home with this information, totally distraught, naturally. I was STUNNED that something like that would occur!! I had to call the mom, and it was just this whole nasty business that I am glad to be done with. Bring on the summer!

Although, I cannot count with one hand how many times my kids have already told me they are bored. I'd have to use my toes too!


mrtl said...

Ouch - While nothing justifies what the girl said, it sounds like she's in pain. I'm glad Al stood up for herself.

Happy summer!! (It got into the 70's today. I'm sweating like a pig right now with naked baby crashed in my lap. We have no A/C here.)

Circus Kelli said...

Kids can be so mean!

It's so good that Al stood up for herself.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well I would be bored too if you didn't b**g fairly often.