Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm going Slightly Mad

I really had planned on posting yesterday about the Queen American Idol episode, but DEAR LORD the preggo hormones were all up in my intestines causing great distress and making me hurl my toast all day long. I can't say I'm not getting just a wee bit tired of these shenanigans. When do I start glowing is all I'm sayin.

I must blame the Blogosphere for my interest in AI this year. Before now, I'd never SEEN an episode of it. EVER. Sure I knew who the winner were--how couldn't you?--but I never sat down and witnessed and partook (is that a word?) in the cultural phenomenon known as the Idol. Paula Abdul was still straight up, as far as I was concerned.

We sat down to watch some of the auditions, and my daughters were TICKLED. We were all pretty entertained by the characters that we saw. (The best still being the Ukrainian chick singing "Bohemian Rhapsody". Oh yes. She should have at least gotten a better deal than that "She Bangs" guy. Seriously).

So Tuesday night when my preggo body decided to hang it up for the day and go nowhere but the couch, I had no choice but to watch TV all night. I was very excited to learn that it was Queen night at the ballpark. One of my all time favorite bands. I called LP in to watch, and we did, together, cuz the girls were off watching some crappy Disney channel show.

***Flashback*** When we were dating, LP and I were talking and he responded to one of my queries with, "Hey, I'm just a man with a man's courage." I stopped for a second, knowing I'd heard these words before. Then I screamed, "Oh my gosh! That's from Flash! I love that movie!" He replied, "What do you mean, Flash Gordon approaching? Open fire!" Again, one more sign from Above that he was the One. ***

I was very curious what songs the kids would pick, me feeling very, very old as most of these kids probably never listened to Queen in their lives. I was also anticipating Cat's rundown the next day, but she's off spending time with her kids, who the hell does she think she is anyway? Being a good parent like that. But anyway. I know I could never do justice to a recap like hers.

I was amazed at how prophetic LP was in Simon's responses though. When Chris got up to sing Innuendo, LP said, "That was good vocals but he didn't pick the right song. He could have had the best one if he picked a song that was likeable." Then Simon went on to say the same.

In the end, I am stunned, nay, PERPLEXED, as to why Ace is still on that show. That. Was. Awful. I can't say that I've seen any of his prior work, but when the members of Queen are hacked off with you, isn't that a sign?? Hello? I'm fairly certain Brian May has an idear.

My favorite cover? None of them. If you want to hear a good cover, go watch "Ella Enchanted" and hear Anne Hathaway singing "Somebody to Love". It's much better.

Best thing that came out of the night was the argument LP and I had about a Queen video. We were talking about the video when the whole band was dressed in drag, and he insisted it was "Radio Ga Ga". Oh no, I am sure it was "I want to Break Free."

So in conclusion, the one thing that truly makes me happy is being right. Yes. And men in drag. That's always a good time.


mrtl said...

resistance is futile. you will be back. mwahahahahaha

Circus Kelli said...

Holy crap. I forgot what I was going to say... oh man...

Circus Kelli said...

I remember!

"No choice but to watch TV all night" -- that sounds SO good right about now. Not good enough to get myself knocked up for, but really good to have "no choice" but to sit and just watch TV.

And what AI *really* needs is our rendition of YMCA. For reals. :)

Lastly, yeah, Cat is making the rest of us look bad... :)

Anonymous said...
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