Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time for an anatomy lesson

Scene: In the car ride home from school.

A: 8 year old
R: 6 year old
Me: Yeah, that's me.

A: Oh my gosh Mom, the second grade boys are so mean! And...well, they started calling Courtney a very inappropriate name. I mean, oh my gosh REALLY inappropriate.

Me: Oh, well, that's 2nd grade boys for ya.

R: What was it?

A: *snicker* It is so inappropriate, I would be embarrassed to say it! *snicker*

Me: Well, go ahead, you know I don't care.

A: Mom, they called her "Mrs. Balls" !!!!!!

Me: (laughing) What? Why in the world would they call her that? That doesn't even make sense.

A: (we're all laughing now) I know! But they did, they called her "Mrs. Balls."

R: Well, what does that mean? Mrs. Balls?

A: Oh, don't you know...Balls are why you have to wear a bra when you get older!

Me: ???!??!?!?! What!?? No they're not! (laughing hysterically now)

A: Oh, Mom, yes they are. *sigh*.


Okay, so how on earth did my daughter not know that boobies and balls are two totally different things? I mean, sure my husband calls them funbags, but that's way off.


Circus Kelli said...

Heh... yeah... kids are SO much fun. ;)

mrtl said...

yeah, like you're the one needing the anatomy lesson as far as the child is concerned

paintergirl said...

Right now, pooping and peeing a real scream. My man proudly called himself a poopasaur.

Hey are you feeling better? And how is the little one in ze belly doing?

J Bo said...

Ha ha!! Our daughter got an early lesson in balls, nards, and plums as she co-slept and was fond of kicking that area. Maybe my husband needed to wear a bra? *g*