Sunday, April 30, 2006

Meal Makers

Has anyone tried Meal Makers? It's new here, and I was wanting to try it out. You go to this place, and they have all the ingredients to make 12 dinners, and give you stuff to freeze all the dinners in. It would be a Godsend once this baby comes.

This weekend, glad it's over. We had a bit of a nasty soccer game today, when one of the other soccer parents on the other team mocked one of our kids when she was excited about scoring a goal for us (they were winning 4-1, so it's not like he was being a sore loser). LP told him to show some sportsmanship, and Ol' Man shut the hell up. Why such nastiness?

On happier news, I went to a Baby Fair today, in hopes of scoring some free goodies. I got a nice little diaper bag, a free "Dr. Brown" bottle, some Enfamil and a baby spoon. Score! Doesn't take much to make me excited.

I was a bit put off however, when I saw my doctor there and proceeded to introduce my husband. She not only blew me off, but kinda blew him off too. Granted I've only gone to her once, but still. I'd like to think my doctor would remember me. Whatever, she was the one handing out the free diaper bags, so I'm not complaining. Well, okay, I guess I am. But as a wise man once said, I can't complain, but sometimes I still's been good to me....yeah, you know the rest.

On the morning sickness front, hasn't gotten much better, but someone suggested sucking on hard candy so I'm gonna try that. The only thing still that I can keep down, are McDonald's cheese burgers and apples. Mmm I'm gonna go get me a Pink Lady right now.

I had a dream last night that I went to this 80's toy store, and it had EVERY toy from the 80s you could imagine. I was on information overload, and was grabbing every Strawberry Shortcake doll I could hold. I went by the Wuzzles, though, they always kind of freaked me out. My brother used to always say they lived too close to a nuclear power plant or something.

This week we have a field trip to a dairy farm, sign ups for swim team, "Girls Night Out" (with my mother, so it's the 60+ crowd), Cinco de Mayo that I will be the DD for, and a short trip to Champaign Illinois for a soccer tournament. Hopefully it will not require bringing the Sock Em Bop Ems.


Circus Kelli said...

Wow, Jana! You have a lot going on there. Take it easy, and don't forget to rest when you can! You're growin a baby in there! :)

J Bo said...

I did something similar a few years ago called Dream Dinners. I liked the convenience, but they did not use high quality ingredients. Since then, some better meal making shops have turned up around Seattle, but I have yet to do them again. I love to cook too much!

I had to snicker to myself about a baby fair. I think of rides when someone says 'fair', so I had a new visual of what the tilt-a-whirl would be. Tilt the baby, watch her hurl. Hurry mommy, clean it up before the ride is over!

I'd wonder about that doctor...she's been looking at your cervix too much to not remember your *face*!!

You know why you are so nauseous? It's the McCrap, er, the McDonalds!

Kathy said...

Meal Maker type places are all over out here. My neighbors swear by them. I love to cook to much to use them, but the concept is super.

Hope you feel better soon, girl.

J&J both said to tell you congrats!