Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You're one in a Million

Mrtl gave us a Motif Monday yesterday, and since I spent most of yesterday yakking due to morning sickness, I didn't participate. But instead of sleeping last night, I stayed up thinking of what exactly I would purchase if I had a million dollars.

I came up with a lot.

I know that a million dollars wouldn't stop my from working or anything like that, but it certainly would make things a little easier. Of course I would buy a house, one with first floor laundry, an inground pool and one of those cute little fountain things in the backyard. That will take up a big chunk of the cash. But what's leftover I will use for this:

1. My Dad a Ford Mustang like he has always wanted.

2. LP whatever car he wanted. (at the moment I can't think of what tops his list)

3. An RV for me and one for my parents.

4. I'd totally take 6 weeks off to go traveling. I'd take all the grandparents to Orlando, but not at the same time, natch. And then I'd take my fam to Europe for a month or so.

5. A cute little personal trainer.

6. A very expensive treadmill.

7. Some money for a much nicer nursing home for my grandma, or someone to take care of her. Or both.

8. I'd like one of those nice heated towel racks. I hate getting out of the shower.

9. A Sea Doo! Those things are really cool.

10. A Ms. Pac Man tabletop game, with Galaga on it.

11. Yeah, more traveling. I'd rather see stuff than have stuff.

Okay so that's my millions. Pretty lame, but what can I say, I've had very little sleep and hormones raging through my body. Creativity is not my top priority.

Tomorrow is Al's big Spring Musical, "The Space Mice Invade Earth!" or something like that. She is a space mouse, and has learned that you cannot wear purple striped underwear when wearing white pants. Good lesson to learn.

Oh and the other night when a tornado ripped through this area? Yeah, we were in the basement playing "Simpsons Monopoly". I of course was the three eyed fish. Rug won.


Amy said...

I love that your dad's mustang is first on the list.

S. said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I keep a blog listing pregnant bloggers and have added you to the list. Please let me know if you'd like to be removed or if I need to change any information. http://thebabyregistry.blogspot.com

Thanks, and congrats again.

Anonymous said...
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