Sunday, December 28, 2008

These things May or May Not have occurred Over the Holiday

* We ran out of propane and had to call Hank Hill to refill our tank. On christmas Eve. Things were thrown.

* My mother's power was lost on Christmas Day due to a frying of a squirrel. She called the police instead of the power company much to my confusion, and fortunately our hillbilly relatives didn't show up in their RV to cook said squirrel.

* i made a kickass pumpkin cake.

* Having successfully completing the creation of 'bath fizzies' with her "Spa Factory" Rug placed said bath fizzie into a plastic container with a lid VIA THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOX and it immediately BLEW UP in her hand, causing a lot of screaming but fortunately no injury. Angry mom has already written a zero star review for

* LP surprised me with diamond earrings in a Cheez-it box.

* I returned the favor by giving him the gift that keeps on giving....a Goblet with encrusted rhinestones that spell out "PIMP KING". Ohhhh yeah. Totally equal gift. this, please note, is after we both decided we were NOT giving each other gifts this year. I think he should be pretty damn proud to be Pimp King.

* I am not completely addicted to 'De Blob' on Wii.

* I can no longer enter Al's room, since the 'Jacob' poster adorning her wall is now following me with its eyes.

* Mo is still the cutest little bug in a rug I've ever seen. She has memorized all the words to "Toy Story 2" and now will come up to you, unprovoked and point and say, "YOU ARE A TOY!!!"

Happy New Year week, y'all.


kalki said...

Cutest family ever. Seriously, you people should be in a commercial or something.

Happy New Year!

Vajana said...

let me add this was the wrong picture, i had fixed the red eye in a different picture and posted this one. Doofus.

Also, I may or may not have accidentally given mo a drink from my wine glass rather than her lemonade, sitting directly next to it. She didn't get sloshed from the few drops she ingested, and unfortunately neither did I, after 3 glasses. Bummer.

WILLIAM said...

Uhmmm...who ate the Cheez-its

Vajana said...

Mo probably slammed them with her wine.