Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Days go By

I have been religiously getting up at 6 a.m. to run, so far, so good. I am amazed at how much I can get accomplished between 6-8 a.m. and my daughters can't even bring up their laundry baskets. "We run out of time!" Sigh. Time management, clearly, is a class I need to teach the family. Also, how not to wear white socks with dress shoes, that's a big one too.

Last week was the Christmas Bazaar and even though I'm working, I was able to pull it off. Yay me!

I am making scrapbooks for the older girls of their school pictures for Christmas. I hope it doesn't turn out like those weird gifts you got from your mom where she's all super excited and you are like, uh, this sucks, where's my George Michael tape? yeah, that didn't happen or anything.

LP actually wants to exchange gifts as usual this year, we have ALWAYS given each other gifts, regardless, but this year...I'm thinking we have spent WAYYYYYY too much money this year, it's time to cut back. Although I am sort of hoping he is wanting to replace my DIAMOND earrings that got vacuumed up by an 11-year-old whom shall go unnamed here....that would be nice.

Almost wiped out yesterday in the car from the ice! We saw FOUR accidents on the way to school, what usually takes me 15 minutes took over 45 minutes. I was actually enjoying the thrill of the swervy swerving, but I dare not tell my girls that.

I am attending a Christmas 'card' party next week, it's a yearly thing, we get together, eat yummy food and write out our cards. I have almost finished mine (although, if you want one, send me an email and I will send you one!) but I figure I can bring the scrapbooks over instead. She also liked TKW's Bad Christmas Sweater idea so we are stealing that. I have to go find one this weekend, and I will let you know how I fare.

I am *THIS* close to being done shopping. One plus to having 3 sets of grandparents...dole them out the expensive gifts and they will take care of it for us. Plus Fisher Price toys were Buy one get 1 free this year at the toy store so I did pretty well. If only Wii games would ever be discounted, I'd be set.

Oh, that's right, I'm supposed to be working. Next post? Painting the awful colors away in my new house. pics to come.

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kalki said...

"Also, how not to wear white socks with dress shoes, that's a big one too." Cracked me up.

Can't wait to see pics!