Thursday, December 18, 2008

SPF Friday -easy breezy

I sent out my cards this year the day after Thanksgiving. Why? I was in a car for 2 hours driving to an outlet mall, plus I wanted everyone to have my new change of address, so THEY had no excuse to send ME a card this year. Boo yah!

We took quickie pics this year of the girls, of course not without some drama. Here is the winning Christmas card photo:

and here is the runner up:

Clearly Rug has listened to "Christmas in Hollis" one too many times.

Merry Christmas yo.


Bente said...

Your girls are beautiful!

Susie said...

Your girls are gorgeous. I wish for a year when all families would send out the FAIL version of the Christmas card photo. Imagine all the laughter they would inspire!

(Hey, that's a good idea; I'm tweeting that!)

Vajana said...

Bente: thanks! Not sure how with me as their mom!

Susie: I've been wanting to do that for years. Also, one of those 'casual' pics, of us in bed watching HGTV. That's what we do.

christina ina said...

I love how they're all dressed in red! Very festive.
I played.

~Easy said...

I might've used the 2nd one, as evidenced by my SPF