Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a Major Award

I have finally been recognized for my greatness by Kelly, from KLOG (with the best taglines ever). She is fantabulous, and I am honored.

Actually I wrote a whole long post and then my computer ate it so this is my second try. Definitely will not be as long.

The rules are as follows, I must say something nice about my Man (what? What sort of whacked out award is this? I might be like that one chick who ended up not thanking her husband at the Oscars and then they get divorced...I certainly don't want that.)

Also, 6 things I think make up SUCCESS.

Lastly, I must bestow this prestigious award onto others.

NICE STUFF ABOUT LP: He centers me. I mean, when I'm acting like a fool, he will call me on it. Also when I'm freaking out, he, like I like to call it, 'talks me down'. Chills me out. Like the other day when someone drove by my house and their headlights shone into my bedroom, thus waking me up, and in my stupor I assumed (as one would, right?) that the light was an atomic blast and were were being bombed. He talked me down from that.

Have I mentioned I'm quite neurotic? I was half asleep, that is sadly my only excuse.

HOW I DEFINE SUCCESS: Pretty much 'what Kalki said'. But I can add that I think success is basically doing something again after you've failed. And failed. And you keep trying until you finally GET it. That is success. I do think that those people who think success is LOOKING successful have it all wrong. I believe that having your PRIORITIES straight makes you successful. In life anyway.

Now to tag. I would bestow the honor to two bloggers who already received it, that being Kalki and Susie whom I both adore. So for my purposes I bestow this award to:

Bente: Not even on the same continent and I would consider her my friend. Very nice, and her photography is amazing.

She was the one who taught me about blogging. I found her through her hysterical comments on Dooce. she's like the cool girl in high school everyone wants to be friends with.

Circus Kelli: Only blog friend I've spoken to on the phone, and she is just as charming in 'real' life. Her minivan has flames. Now THAT is success, my friends.


Bente said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks, Vajana! I'll try and do this tomorrow.

kalki said...

Rob 'talks me down' a lot, too. I am also neurotic. Although I'm sure you'd never< noticed that.

Your award recipients are great ones, too.