Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Whiners of the Day

Today's post is dedicated to people who have nothing better to do than whine.

Our focus today is the critics of the Pizza Hut Book-It program.

If you are not familiar, Pizza Hut has an incentive program for kids in schools. If they read X amount of books a month, they receive a free pizza, and if they read X amount at the end of the year they get a very cool certificate and recognition from their peers as being a kick ass reader.

NOW though, some wiley folk have decided that it is promoting OBESITY and that we should not be bribing our wee children with food that just may cause them to become fat.

Okay, we all know a lot of pizza is not good for you. We get it.

But first of all, they give you ONE certificate a month, and they expire after that month. So it's not like you can save them all up and have an all out Pizza Bonanza until you puke your guts out. And I'm fairly certain that most parents are not apt to indulge in that much pizza anyway. Americans eat 3 BILLION pizzas a year people. It's not like they aren't eating it.

In the 4 years that my eldest has been in the program, I think we've used the certificates for pizza MAYBE 3 times. Seriously. But I have two types of children. One who reads constantly and I have to yell her name like a recorder over and over again before she acknowledges me, and then I have another child who believes she may catch cooties if she even TOUCHES a book. So the Book-It program has been a proud accomplishment for one child, and a HUGE incentive for my other to read at least 10 books a month.

It's not the pizza that is the incentive. It's getting the certificates. Dumb-asses.

Hm. I think we'll be having pizza for dinner tonight.


The Kept Woman said...

Aside from all of those valid and thoughful points...when my ex-hubby and I were married we were both teachers and the teachers get a free pizza a month too. That was like our date night out b/c we were so damn poor.

Vajana said...

Exactly! Give the poor teachers some incentive to continue having the will to even get up and face 24 children every single day. My dad was a teacher for 35+ years and I can tell you as I'm sure you know, being a teacher is not as glorifying and posh as it looks! ;)

kalki said...

Word, girl.