Sunday, March 18, 2007

Because I don't have enough to worry about

Friday Rug brought home a decorated shoe box proclaiming this was her Leprechaun Trap. The shoebox was meticulously decorated with pom poms, pipe cleaners (My enemy!), feathers, and other staple 1st grade art supplies. She informed me that they had made the Trap on Thursday, and when they arrived on Friday, leprechaun tracks were scattered throughout the room. But tonight, she told me, she would trap a leprechaun.

Oh my, I thought. I was not at all prepared for this.

She diligently went to work, reinventing her trap so it would entice any unknowing Leprechaun better than any trap ever created. She shut the door to her room when she did it, so no one in her family could know the secrets of the magnificence she was creating. We were not to be trusted with such brilliance.

When she came out, it was a sight to behold. She had cut a leprechaun sized hole in the top, but covered it with brown construction paper so the leprechaun would not know there was a hole underneath!! Directly above the hole she had stuck a plastic pot of gold stick she had kept from atop of the cupcake she'd gotten from her St. Patrick's Day party. Surrounding the pot of gold she had numerous arrows and tiny signs that exclaimed, "Glod! Glod!" It reminded me of the hotel "Beetlejuice" was living in when he was trying to get Lydia to say his name, the arrows in big bold neon--"GLOD! GLOD!!"

She allowed me to open up the shoe box, and it was a sight to behold. She had glued a sucker onto the bottom, and in the corner she placed several feathers and a sheet of paper lie on top. "What is this?" I asked.

"It's his bed. I want him to be comfortable. Plus look, the sucker will totally trap him. Leprechauns LOVE candy!"

I then inquired about the several 'signs' she had glued onto the inside of the box that said, "Sorry!" and "I love you SO much".

She replied, "Well, I feel bad about having to trap him. So I want him to feel loved."

I asked her what she planned on doing with him when she caught him, and she said she was going to keep him as a pet.

Yesterday morning, there was no leprechaun. The fact that little Miss M has a chest infection and mom was up all night may have been a factor in this, as perhaps leprechauns hate the sound of babies crying.

As reported by Al, apparently Rug was very, very disheartened by this.

This morning when she wakes up, she will find a note from the leprechaun and a half-eaten sucker telling her she almost caught herself a leprechaun, but he was too wiley and got away.

I'm sure she will think he found some glod somewhere else.


kalki said...

This just might be the cutest kid story I have ever heard. The "glod" really cinched it for me. :)

Random and Odd said...

Okay, this is how bad I suck...I thought it said, "Porn Poms".

I am so high on medication.

cute story though! I would have eaten the whole sucker though!!

Vajana said...

Kalki: Yes, she can be very cute. But at 7 a.m. on Monday morning when she can't find her homework, not so much.

Kristine: It DOES look like porn poms! Now THAT might catch more than a leprechaun!