Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March blahs

I'm getting really irritated with the weather here. It was 75 degrees yesterday and beautiful. Today it's like 45. Make up your damn mind.

This pic was taken after our ceremony with our 'wedding coordinator' who ended up getting lots of our money that were meant for the slot machines. Right before snapping this picture, my friend J yelled, "Oh my gosh what is that in her bouquet!" prompting the guy to look at them, but in the picture making it look like he was checking out my rack. But oh, what a sweet rack it is. I'm sure that was a bonus for him.

Rug was completely ECSTATIC about the leprechaun note. She totally freaked. I'm sure I'm on the sh*t list of every mother in 1st grade whose kid came home to tell about Rug's discovery. I'm sure I was cussed at least once when they wanted to capture a leprechaun as well. Hey, blame the teacher, not me. I just went with it.

Last night they replayed Game 7 of the NLCS against the Mets. I was asleep at the time of Molina's hit, so it was really nice to re-live fully cognizant.

My little Divine Miss M will be 4 months old tomorrow. She is doing well. Of course I am now typing this one-handed as I'm feeding her!

Tomorrow I will try my best to participate in TKW's Dubya Wednesday. My subject will probably be Weight (and I shall lose it).

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The Kept Woman said...

I totally forgot about doing cute leprechaun things...my ex-hubs was Irish so I always was into it then but now I've let it fall by the way-side.