Wednesday, March 28, 2007

trying to keep up

Just trying to keep my ahead above water. This is a pic of Miss M with my NEW camera, the Canon S3. I researched it pretty indepth, I think I made a good choice. I certainly won't be winning any photography awards, but at least I can say I made an honest effort to take pictures of my third child. Because no, I have not cracked open her baby book yet. Uh, I actually have no idea where it is. Wait, does she even HAVE a baby book?

My friend's mom died Sunday. I was there for awhile, it was pretty sad. When I was in high school, my friend moved away to live with her dad, and her mom became my surrogate mother, taking me to dinner, to parties, etc. She was just a lot of fun to be around. I will miss her.

LP has been diagnosed certifiably crazy, as he agreed to coach Rug's softball team. WTF? Because we have all this free time. At least I can look forward to our beach vacation in late May. I need the beach. The beach, it may not need me in my post-baby body, but too effing bad!

Just got done reading "You'll never Nanny in This Town Again"
I was pretty disappointed. I loved the Nanny Diaries, and this was not it. The author, who, granted, was a young kid when she nannied for Debra Winger and Danny DeVito, relays the idiosyncrasies of the Hollywood elite. And though I'm sure she witnessed a lot of pretentiousness and vulgarity, she comes off more as an immature spoiled brat who doesn't conform to her surroundings. But in the end of the book she does realize this and makes a future for herself as a nurse. In my opinion though, read Nanny diaries, it's much better.

Al's addiction to books and reading is astonishing yet frightening...she reads constantly. At school her AR goal is 12 points for the quarter, she already has over 100. I'm a little worried about her reading level...she is a month or so away from reading "Are you There God? It's Me Margaret" and I will most definitely have to stick my head in oven when that occurs.

Have a great week!


Jenny B said...

I have the S2 and I love it! You'll be glad you purchased a Canon, trust me. Have fun taking pictures!

Amy said...

Wow, she is a honey of an o, Jana!