Monday, March 05, 2007

hodge Podge

I love going on trips and have a lot of pictures available to add that extra spice to my posts. Just like Emeril adds spices to his creation, I shall do with mine. BAM!

Have I ever mentioned my love of roller coasters? Yep, I'm a big fan of the coasters. I try to ride one every single place we go. This is the Manhattan Express at NY NY in Vegas. It was actually one of the better coasters I've ridden. Great view. I almost didn't even mind that it cost $12 to ride it.

I also rode the "Big Shot" at the top of the Stratosphere. It's not a roller coaster--they used to have one up there but tore it down. My husband has a huge fear of heights so he did not choose to come along. I went with two of my good friends, Aaron & Phil. I've ridden rides like the Big Shot before, just not on top of a large needle-like building. Basically you sit on these chairs around a large pole, with your feet dangling (No flip flops--TKW would have a problem). Then they just thrust you into the air, and you bounce back down to Earth (could I have any more innuendo in this description? Probably not). Here's the view from the top of the ride:

heh heh, no just kidding. But dammit it felt like we were that high.

The ride itself wasn't all that scary. It really wasn't. What was scary was later when I was at home at the computer, and I looked up the Stratosphere on Wikipedia, and learned that I rode a ride that was TWICE THE SIZE as the Gateway Arch. !!!!!!!! WTF!!! Gateway Arch: 630 feet. Stratosphere: 1,149 feet!!!!
I drive by the Arch at least two or three times a month. I KNOW how freaking tall it is. And I was moronic enough to stand outside a building and ride a flippin' unenclosed thrill ride on my own volition.
So needless to say, LP was waiting downstairs afterwards and flatly said to me, "I will NEVER ever allow you to whine or moan about flying in an airplane after you just chose to ride that ride."
Well okay, but it would help if you got me very drunk first.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

You be a tough lady, Jana. There is no way in hell I would ride even a baby roller coaster.

shellibells said...

I am sooo glad you rode that ride. I did not, but that is only because I had TWO tickets for rides up there, and I was so psyched to go on the other one that I used both my tickets and rode it twice. Well, I wanted video of it and the guy who was filming hit the wrong button and didn't film the whole time. The second time I got GREAT video LOL

If i remember, side from the roller coaster, wasn't there a third ride?

I'm so glad you had fun!! :)

shellibells said...

Here's the video, I hope you can view it, I have some really nice pics you may recognize that i can share too, but you'd have to email me.

Ummmm, yeah, and all those people screaming? At me, yes...front row in white. LOL