Monday, November 07, 2005


Okay, before I start anything, you must read this: Pirates of Somalia Pirates. And I can't help myself but thinking that Jack Sparrow had something to do with this.

Now back to the regular boring old chapters of my life.

This weekend was so exhausting I ended up vegging out last night on the couch, watching "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" for the 10 billionth time, which I guess makes it close encounters of the 30 billionth kind? i don't know, but I was actually aware enough to realize, for the FIRST time, that when Richard Dreyfuss is boarding the mothership, the background music is "When you Wish Upon a Star" and if you are a true dorkus like me, you will remember how obsessed his character was with seeing Pinocchio earlier in the movie. And I am 32 years old and I just realized this. Talk about paying attention.

Does anyone care about that last paragraph? Oh well, I'm entertaining myself this morning.

Saturday night was our kid's school's annual auction fundraiser. LP and I put together a Power Point presentation of all the live auction items, so we have to go. There were a lot of cool things up for bid this year, including two Mexican trips, a cute black labrador puppy (who was there and I had to take away the paddle from LP cuz he wanted it so badly, but the cute little guy ended up going for $2500 to a surgeon so yeah that was a little out of our price range) and a signed David Eckstein bat, which the principal bought and donated back to school, which was very neat. We ended up WINNING the last item of the night, non-uniform days every Friday for the rest of the year for both of our girls. Yes, I know, it makes absolute sense that I pay a ginormous amount of $$ each month to send my kids to a private school to wear a uniform, and then I turn around and pay MORE $$ so they don't have to wear it! I'm CRAZY like that. Crazy.

We also had a soccer tournament this weekend, and Al ended up 1-1-1 which wasn't too bad, for our first tourney anyway. It was also my dad's birthday, and every year we have to go to this Wurstmarkt he ADORES. Like I told my friend who was completely stunned that I went, I loathe wurstmarkts, I love my dad. In case you don't know, southern Illinois is bountiful with the German heritage, and wurstmarkts are basically church dinners with German food, i.e. bratwurst, knockwurst, sauerkraut, green beans, and mashed taters. Real healthy. But my dad is 100% German and loves German food, so I go. And I eat later. My little mama picked out some what-appeared-to-be banana pudding from the dessert table, and when she tried it her face scrunched up. I took a spoon and tasted it, and seriously, it tasted like floor wax. My mother, She Who Makes Mountains out of Molehills, insisted on telling one of the poor 16-year-old servers who probably was being made to volunteer by her mother, that this pudding was AWFUL, and that her granddaughter should get another dessert. I told my mom that it was probably a disgruntled old lady who wasn't invited to the quilting bee and she must have laced the pudding with Windex. I don't know, we are all still living today so I think it's OK.

Okay so that was my weekend in a very big nutshell. I think I have the storytelling abilities of, well, of someone with no storytelling ability.

Mrtl has brought us the theme "Won" for Motif Monday, and since I just went on a little much about the wurstmarkt, I guess my winning the non-uniform days is motif enough. I can say that I am not a winner by nature. I have won on two occasions: once in 8th grade I won a beach ball at our school carnival. The other time was in 2001 when i wrote an essay about my best friend and we won a trip to Palm Beach. That was fun. I enter sweepstakes all the time though, and never win. I have just recently started Blingo, because with medical transcription I am searching medical terms regularly.

So with that, I have to get back to work. Enough slacking and boring everyone for the day!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

No, not boring at all. For instance, I would never have thought of adding Windex to banana pudding, but now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense. Clean you right out.

Vajana said...

Yeah, and Windex leaves no streaks too.

mrtl said...

Congrats on the crazy-lady win/purchase of no uniform Fridays!

I want a bratwurst now.

Cat said...

Oh, I would SO eat myself sick at the wurstmarkts thingymabobber! I would! I don't care! I have some German in me! Ew, which reminds me of a really icky joke TGIM likes tell...

I am still laughing at your astounding powers of observation. And now I will have to rent "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and then I will probably crave mashed potatoes because that always happens when I watch that movie. So thanks a WHOLE LOT for that!

Amy said...

I think I might like the Wurstmarkt. I loves me some German foods.

And you weren't only entertaining yourself with that post. You were entertaining me, too.

Vajana said...

Mrtl- I love being the crazy lady.

Cat- I've seen that movie a gazillion times. My powers of observation are truly lacking. And I totally crave mashed potatoes too. But not with bratwurst.

Amy- Glad you were entertained. that makes me feel better. You can certainly join us at the next Wurstmarkt.