Friday, November 11, 2005

Bad Development

People, I am pissed. One of my very favorite shows, "Arrested Development" has been CANCELLED!

Every time I find a show that completely entertains me like this did, it is gone.

The Simpsons has been the only one that truly has remained, and seriously, how much life does that have left? It is so ready to jump the shark, if it hasn't already. (just wait, this season there will be a cousin Oliver or something, or hell maybe even Ted Mcginley)

Arrested Development was Hee-larious. I love this show!

Strangers with Candy, again, one of my favorites. Gone.

Exit 57! The State!!!

Hell, "Police Squad" only had 6 episodes! SIX! Does anyone else remember it? Yeah, it was the series that led to the very popular Naked Gun movies. It was one of the only shows when I was a kid that I could not miss. That and the Muppet Show of course. (oh, and okay, I admit it, the love boat)

I'm done. This stinks. Just when I think TV has finally evolved, it gets canned again.


I wonder how much longer Reno 911 has left?


mrtl said...

::hugs and a shoulder:: sorry. :(

Mama Duck said...

I'm sorry... :(

That is indeed sucky.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

The common denominator was not low enough. What is "jump the shark"? Is that something like we used to say, like 23 skidoo?

Vajana said...

Thanks all for the condolences. Another good sitcom bites the dust.

"Jumping the shark" basically means when a TV show has gone past its prime, and needs to be cancelled, but holds on for dear life. For example, a lot of people believe "Bewitched" jumped the shark when they switched Darrens.

And i still say 23 skidoo, so that doesn't count.

Cat said...

I, too, am distraught over the cancellation of Arrested Development. That is some high-quality television programming, right there! I swear.

I mean, hello?! Douche-chill!


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