Sunday, November 27, 2005

Vajana's Very Vulnerable

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

I am very sick. Don't seem to be getting any better. I don't even have the whatever it is to go blogging, so I am sorry if I have not visited any of you lately. My mama insists its too much all at once, and she is probably right. I am whipped. Or whupped. Whatev.

I also realize I have neglected my Flickr account. 22% used this month and it's the last week! That's pathetic! Although I do have a good excuse, the USB cord is lingering in misplacedom since the kitchen redo, so I cannot offload any of my Stuff portrait pictures OR any awesome pics of my new house! (can you believe I again did not take any before pics of the master bath? Duh!) So this week you will be getting a already downloaded onto my computer and YEAH they will mostly be of DisneyWorld so get over it.

This weekend was also the Weekend of the Remodel and then Falling on the Couch completely Exhausted and Watching Movies on our New TV.

The first movie we chose was "The Incredibles". Love that movie.

"For the greater good woman!"


mrtl said...

Feel better, girlfriend!

Cat said...

Feel better, woman. I've had the blahs too, and my Tater just came down with strep throat, so I'm sympathizing like CRAZY over here!

And have I told you lately how freaking adorable those kiddos are? Huh? Because CUTE.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

What you got in that gray box? Time Machine? From headgear, it does look like you going for second childhood....

J Bo said...

I like how you pepper disneyworld photos into your feeling crappy post. You obviously are not that down and out, sistah!

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears.
It's a world of bloggers who bring me cheers.
I will laugh then will cry
Why can't I see your new kitchen, why?
It's the blogworld, afterall!!

Vajana said...

Mrtl: thanks for the wishes. I am finally starting to feel better. When this week is over I'll be better I know it!

Cat: Ugh, at least my kiddies aren't sick, that is the worst, hope they are feeling better! And thanks, you should meet them too, they are hee larious.

Hoss: Gray box? The moon, of course.

JBO: That is great! The official song of the blogworld! Love it!

You guys have totally cheered me up!

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