Friday, November 25, 2005

still here

Did you think I had abandoned you? Well, I guess I did there for a little while. Things are quite insane around here. The cabinets are done, but the countertops won't be in until next week. I am in the process of painting our other bathroom today. LP went and got himself a nice TOY so he has been busy messing with that. I have to put up the Christmas decor this weekend, because my friends and I are going for a 'girls shopping' weekend next weekend down to the Ozarks. I cannot wait.

We pissed everyone off this year by announcing that next year we would NOT be going anywhere for Thanksgiving, that we'd have it at our house. We have 3 difference places to go to, and it is chaotic and very filling to say the least. Try eating 3 turkey dinners in one day. Not so easy. So they were all mad, whatever. We make the trek for Christmas, his moms Christmas Eve, his dad's for breakfast Christmas morning, then my parents house for dinner. We shouldn't have to trounce around for Thanksgiving too. So that's that.

I have a pretty severe head cold, that's put me out too. I also had to work today and yesterday. Oh and to top it off I 'chose' to be the chair for my daughters' school "Christmas Bazaar", did I tell you that? What was I thinking!! So all next week I'll be up at their school, supervising the selling and purchasing of cheap crappy items for the kids to get their family members. Who wouldn't want a thermal mug that says "#1 Dad!" Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!!!

Okay, well LP got the HDTV stuff hooked up today and he is yelling at me to go watch Law and Order in hi definition. Cuz I need to see Briscoe up close and personal.

One last thing...guess WHO is coming to my house next week too!!!!!!!!!!


mrtl said...

I can only imagine how hectic three dinners would be. Are you going to do a big shebang and invite everyone over (or does everyone not get along)?

Have fun pulling the hubby away from that TV. It's HUGE!

J Bo said...

I want to see photos of your kitchen!!!

Vajana said...

mrtl: no, they do not get along, but we will invite them anyway!

LP is now watching the Discovery channel regularly now, since it's one of the few channels we get in HD.

Jbo: Oh let me tell you, you won't BELIEVE the transformation!

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