Friday, November 04, 2005

spfriday DOWN UNDER

Originally uploaded by Vajana.

So I'm a little late but at least I've done it. This week for SPF:

*Your doormat

*Favorite pair of socks


Now, I could have really gotten creative with this one, uh...ya know, 'down there' certainly has interesting connotations, but I decided to be PG today.

Plus do you remember I'm getting my kitchen remodeled? Yeah, you know why I haven't been talking about it? They SCREWED UP MY ORDER twice now. Today the gal called to tell me the one cabinet we were waiting on won't be delivered until NEXT Friday, and the installers can't install it until the 22nd (yes, that IS the week of Thanksgiving, thanks for that). I can't very well discuss a remodel that doesn't exist yet, so I will instead show pictures of things already finished in our house.

This weekend is the girls' school auction as well as a select soccer tournament so I probably won't show back up until Monday, so have a fantastic weekend.


hemlock said...

Those are some VERY CUTE socks.

ZuphChic said...

I don't envy you and your remodeling...until it's all done. Then I'm going to be SO jealous!