Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Why This Week has So Far Rocked Out

(Picture and hairstyle by Al)

Such a great week. Let me tell you why.

* Spent a whole day with best friend from Florida and her cool kids. Hung out at the water park and felt good about ourselves.

* Got a very pretty sassy pedicure in PINK. Dude, I never wear pink. Ever. I even opted for the girlie flower on the big toe. My piggies are not sure what to do with themselves, especially when I slip them into Adidas flip flops and not Jimmy Choos.

* EVERYONE told me their kid had the 'best time' at Al's party. It was a resounding success and that makes me Hap-Py.

* Al got the Indiana Jones game for the Wii and it's hilarious!

* We got rid of our old water heater. And doesn't getting rid of crap make anyone feel good?

* We put an offer on a super cool house. Won't know until tomorrow what is going to happen but the suspense is making me giddy! Maybe that's the reason for the pink...
(it has central vac! and a lake!)

* I forced my children to watch a few of my old favorite movies from the 70s..."The Incredible Shrinking woman" and Escape to Witch Mountain AND Return to Witch Mountain. they LOVED the Witch Mountain ones but the Shrinking Woman, was, sadly, just not their style. Next up on the 70s movie list...Roller Derby and the Apple Dumpling Gang...I won't make them watch Savannah because I would just cry. (by the way, I've already made them watch "Midnight Madness" a hundred times. I bought it, and if you have not seen it GO now!!!)

* Tomorrow I am going to an art exhibit of MAD magazine comics. I am so incredibly thrilled and ecstatic about this. MAD magazine had a very large role in teaching me a LOOOOOT of things.

* Last of all, Mo is really developing a sense of humor. I do believe she will be as twisted as I'd like her to be. Awesome! Sufficiently warped, I love it.

Plus the weather has been great. Also we have the Simpsons movie in the car so everytime we go somewhere far, I get to hear the Spider Pig theme song. Which would make any normal person happy.

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