Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Whodunit

This year Al REALLY wanted to do a scavenger hunt for her birthday. Normally I go all out for her birthday, but this would have required MAJOR work on my part, including passing out flyers to our neighbors, coordinating teams, etc. etc. I was not up for it.

Good thing I didn't, because it poured down the night of her party. which was perfect for a MYSTERY party that we had!

When I sent the invitations, each girl was assigned a character. Some of them included a baker, a karate expert, a practical joker, and a ballerina.

Al was the actress.

Rug, naturally, was the Clothes Horse. When asked, she said she owned "1041" pairs of shoes.

Once all the girls arrived, they all introduced themselves and really hammed it up. I was pretty impressed with how they all got into character! Plus we had a special surprise guest...

Me and Leana the ballerina. I'm on the left.

The girls had to make up commercials for pretend products such as Magic Socks and Bubble Gum Bath, and Candy Shoelaces. Even the quieter girls were working it.

After the cake and gifts, we learned who the culprit was! They all screamed and hooted and hollered and just had a blast. Worth every penny!!

Last but not least I brought out a game we played a few years ago at a party that was a HUGE hit...just stick some hard to chew Bazooka gum at the bottom of a mess of whipped cream and whoever blows the first bubble WINS!

I did have to finally go down to the basement around 1:30 and tell them to GO TO SLEEP ALREADY but besides that, it was great fun had by all.

Now if I could just catch up on the sleep I've lost!

(P.s. The mystery can be purchased at in case you're interested...)


kalki said...

What fun! Good job!!

The Kept Woman said...

Leana the Ballerina...doh...I said 'Hulk Hogan' when you asked me to guess...I suck.