Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Me

This past Sunday I had a spiritual experience. A complete and total whole body nirvana. (foreshadowing here) Extreme bliss, pure and unadulterated cosmic righteousness.

I was one with the universe.

I saw the Foo Fighters.

I'm sure that if Dave Grohl was the minister at my church, the attendance would surely be higher. His sermons would rock anyone socks off. He could probably get me to donate my life savings to whatever charity he was begging for that week.

This was the BEST concert I've ever been to. I'm going to have to apologize profusely for the lack of flair to that last sentence, because it does not have the ability to truly describe to you how fabulous it really was.

I realize the Foos are 'that' band for me. Everyone has that one band, or artist, that just SPEAKS to their soul. The one that got you through that tough time in high school. The one that helps you conquer that last mile in your run. The one that convices you they've written all their songs just for you. The Foos do that to me. I said that very thing to LP after the concert, I felt like they had physically hugged my inner self and made it say, "Life is good".

Dave Grohl is just amazing. The way he gets the crowd going, wanting more. He told an old story about a night he had in St. Louis years ago, and it made us all feel like we were sitting next to him in a local bar, swapping memories about old times.

I'd gotten the set list off the internet weeks prior, so I knew what they were going to play. If you know anything about them, they just released an acoustic album, so they set up two stages, one for the 'rock' and one for the 'acoustic' songs. We were closer to the 'acoustic' stage, and when he played "Everlong" the hair on my entire body tingled. He also put his entire being into "Marigold" which is the last song he and Kurt Cobain wrote together, so I'm sure it's bittersweet for him to play.

As he introduced the band, since they had the acoustic set they had brought along an extra 'percussion' guy. Dave introduced him as the 'triangle man' and said, "Judas Priest doesn't have a F**king triangle guy, but we do!" and made the poor guy do an entire triangle solo. And he rocked it, totally!

The last song of the evening was "Best of You" and I am fairly certain even those girls who were dragged to the concert by their Foo loving boyfriends most definitely left thinking they had just been a part of something seriously fantastic.

We drove home, after a night of shedding the Mom and Dad title and declaring ourselves still young enough to ROCK, and neither one of us could shake the goosebumps we still had on our arms.

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