Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weekend Update

I didn't get to haiku this weekend, the first time I decide to and I don't. What a loser. Anyway, it was pretty busy. We had a wedding on Saturday which was lovely, weddings sure are gorgeous these days. Open bar, that's the key.

Sunday I took the girls to the Zoo to run in the Make Tracks for the Zoo Race. It was only one mile, but
I was proud of the girls, we all ran it in 9:15 minutes. (Rug pretending she's too cool to be photographed).

We stayed at the zoo for awhile. St. Louis may be #1 in crime but we also have one of the BEST (if not THE BEST) zoos in the country. Seriously. Come visit. Plus, it's FREE. Can't beat free.

They even have dinosaurs!

Last night we went to Mo's SECOND Cardinal game in her life. I was worried, now she is mobile I'm afraid she'd lose attention fast but Doggone it she loves that organ playing. Yelling "CHARGE" all night never lost its appeal. How the Cards gave up a 4-0 lead is beyond me, but oh well, we had fun.


The Kept Woman said...

Looks like fun and congrats on the race! Promoting healthy habits early, I see!

Our zoo is free as well and really quite nice. I never feel bad about paying to eat lunch there as the prices include money used to maintain the grounds.

Vajana said...

TKW: Yes, that's why I like running this race because it's a pretty big fundraiser for the zoo. People complain about stuff costing so much, this way I feel like we've helped a good cause and gotten off our tushes for the weekend! Plus free oranges. That was a bonus.