Friday, June 13, 2008

SPF---Chold's Toy

Well this has been a very busy week this week, which I am grateful for, less time for me to miss the Ali Baba. Anyway, I'm going to get her tomorrow morning, and I'm trying to clean the house up before she gets home. Then I'll never get a chance to get back into the tween sanctuary she calls her room.

Kristine has given us the assignment of showing a picture of a child's toy, and Lord knows I have a gajillion Polly Pockets, but i'm just going to go into my pictures and grab the first toy I see in there. I have three kids folks. Lots of toys.

Rug got the Hair Kit for her American Girl doll one year. Guess how many times she played with it? You are lookin' at it.

This toy gets the vote for All Time Most Incredibly Annoying Loud Toy in the World. So of course Mo adores it. Lots of spinning, farmer in the dell-ing, rattling, etc.

I've shown this picture before, but it is funny that Kristine's daughter hates the Smurfs. I LOVED the Smurfs growing up. They were, obviously, my favorite.

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