Thursday, June 12, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow sadder

Well Al has been at camp since Sunday. I finally got a postcard from her today, thanks goodness. It was mailed Monday so who knows what kind of week she has had. She did say in her postcard she wasn't getting much sleep, but that may have changed from the first night! I miss her, but I know she is having a blast. Definitely more fun than sitting around here watching Tom and Jerry. (yes! Tom and Jerry! Back on some channel and just as popular with the kids as ever)

Soccer tryouts are this week and that has been drama filled. I try my hardest to stay out of it but how can you not? People are so insecure about everything, and the smack talkers are out in full force. I could care less. I just want what is best for my daughters.

Speaking of soccer, Rug was nominated as one of the players in her club to travel to Greece next year for one (paid) week of training. I'm very excited about this. It would mean so much to her, and I would get to travel somewhere I've never in my life thought I'd ever see. we won't know until around March if she got it. She plays two years up, and is the leading goal scorer on her team. That ain't braggin' folks, that's just the facts. :) Definitely didn't get it from her mama. (that crazy knotted knappy hair oh yes, she got that from me.)

Mo has just erupted in words and sayings all week. Al will be stunned when she comes home to hear her. Her new one is "See ya later" and that usually means I need to pay attention because she is headed somewhere she should not.

I have been working out diligently and have lost yet another two pounds and that excites me. I have printed out the Expedition Everest Challenge Sheet and stuck on my refrigerator as incentive. If anyone is interested in joining my husband and I, please, the more the merrier. I am SO going to make it.


kalki said...

Congrats on the pounds! And I hope Rug gets to go to Greece!!

The Kept Woman said...

'See ya later' is so much better than the 'No like it' that Peanut insisted on saying over and over and over again at that age...