Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What I'd Like to say to Some People but Can't

Blogs are great ways to vent. So here goes. Namelessly I will say what I really want to say to people. Here goes!

1. It's not that moving the car seat into your car is a big deal, it's that I don't trust my kids with your driving.

2. Seriously? You have to stop complaining.

3. You haven't seen us in so long because I can't stand the way you talk to my mother. Have respect please.

4. Move out already. You're almost 40.

5. Remember how you said there was a girl in your school growing up who was mean and no one would stand up to her? Yeah, that's YOUR daughter.

6. Your husband is really not a nice person, and has destroyed our friendship and you don't seem to care. I miss you.

7. Losing your temper is not 'just the way I am'. You can control it better than you do.

8. I don't trust you anymore. Don't pretend we are still friends, you told me yourself you needed new ones. (because I don't drink as much as you do? Nice.)

9. For Pete's sake, order something other than a cheeseburger for a change.

10. Stop telling people stories about my childhood. It drives me nuts. (ok, this one is obviously towards my mother. But really, it's driving me crazy) Or at least tell the good ones, not the embarrassing ones.

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The Kept Woman said...

Sometimes don't you just wish you didn't have that switch that turned off the "socially correct" barrier in your mind so you could just spew this stuff for real?

I think about it but am too PC myself to do it. Burning bridges permanently never seems like a great idea...but sometimes I just wish...