Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mo update and other random items

Mo turned 18 months last week and I didn't even get a picture of her. I swore with my 3rd I wouldn't be this way, but looks like I am. Chalk up another point for 'them' because 'they' are always right.

We bought a new treadmill and put it together last night. I have yet to run on it but plan on running today, bad back be damned. God wouldn't have my back still hurting if he didn't want me to run through the pain, right?

LP is out right now buying a new water heater. I had mentioned before it was on the fritz, yesterday it officially stopped working and began to leak all over the basement. Now isn't that exciting? That is my life.

On the other hand, my mom has better stories in her neck of the woods. Last summer, her 10-year-old next door neighbor (next door!) set fire to a house down the street and because he was only 10 and they lacked evidence, he didn't go to any juvenile detention or serve any type of community service. We see him all the time when we go over there, and my mother tells me it's like that kid from the Twilight Zone movie, you know, nobody wants to piss him off so everyone is super nice to him.

So yesterday, her neighbor down the street was jumped and beaten severely by 3 men and is in the hospital recovering for 4-6 weeks. Turns out he is a gay man, and that is all my mother had to hear. She has never met a gay person in her life, (that she knows of...anyway) and for some reason she is so curious about anything GAY. When she told me this story, the subject of the email was "THE GAYS". Cracks me up. She is so sheltered.

And all I have is a broken water heater. Maybe I should go beat it up or something. Or set it on fire.


I did want to write a list of the things Mo can say now. I know, that is a clear and total lack of segue there, but that's how I roll. I don't have time for things to relate to one another. I'm a busy person, see?

Mo definitely does not talk as much as Al did, but probably more than Rug did. That's not to say she doesn't talk, she is constantly saying SOMETHING but it is Portugese or some language I do not understand. She has clearly been reincarnated and was once a fisherman somewhere and is just not ready to let go of that dialect.

First off, the brainwashing she gets from TV:
Bob Bob: Spongebob
Doo do Doo: Dora
Oooh! FFFFF! (Clifford, not from TV more books)
Melmo: Elmo
Win Pooh
Ohhhhhhhh: (intro to Spongebob song)

Next, People I Live with:
Mom, Mommy, AHHHHHH!!!
Hi Kitty

Things I like to do:
Dan: Dance
Soc Ball
More (eating, and more eating)
Gippppsssss (grapes)
Yes!!!! (baseball watching)
Knuckles (hitting knuckles, someone taught her this)
Five (hi-five)
Spider (itsy bitsy spider, on heavy rotation)
Awwwww (petting animals)
Night Night
Thank you!
No! No!(vacuum, in response to me saying these words when she tried to unplug it)

Animals I think are pretty cool:
Goggie (doggie)
(raz noise) Horse
(sniffing) Bunny
(pop noise) Fish
Oooooh! Bird

Explicit instructions:
Bye! ("I'm ready to go. RIGHT now.")
Shoe? ("I'm ready to go. RIGHT now. Put on my shoes.")
MMMMWAH! ("I'm ready to go. I'm blowing kisses to get the heck outta here.")
More!!! ("I need more of these. NOW.")
Booop! ("Honk my nose.")
AHHHHHH!!! (everything else you are not doing for me right this second)

Songs I like to sing:
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Any song from the Sesame Street Rock and Roll Show DVD
Elmo's World
Winnie the Pooh
Twinkle Twinkle
Old Lady who swallowed a Fly
Low by Flo Rida (thanks, Rug)

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