Friday, May 23, 2008

SPF-- You in the Music

Hey folks, my back completely went out picking up the little muggle so I'm barely getting by today, but I will at least take a crack at SPF from old pictures I have. Most of my pics from last week were of people dancing though, so I may have screwed up here.

The girls 2006 at the Kelly Clarkson concert. I was 6 months preggo and not really into the music so much!

Here I am in 1992 with two of my guy buddies listening to a really loud band my friends were in. This was taken at the local 'teen center' which lasted only a few months in each different location they tried moving it to. Darn meddlin' kids, always getting into trouble! The question is, why did I think a gray vest was ever a cute thing to wear?

Did you Play?


Vixen said...

I did play too. Hope your back is better soon. That first picture with her hands above her head just tickle my giggle bone.

Have a great weekend and take care of your back.

Moi said...

I also had a grey vest. What is wrong with us?

Love your pics. Hope your back is better soon. Oh, and I played!

christina ina said...

What's wrong with the vest? I think you looked cute! And I like the dancing at the Kelly Clarkson concert picture too.
I played.

Uzz said...

Trust 1992 the vest was happening:-) Great fun in that first pic!

I played as well:-)

Have a great weekend!

~Easy said...

I did play.

Once again, stupid man here: What's wrong with the vest?