Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nothing to Say.

1. Mo has a new word "Da!" which of course means, "Dance"! and she says it every time iTunes pops up on the computer screen.

2. Stomach flu has invaded our house hold the second time in a month. WTF? I've had enough puke in my life in the last few years. Make it stop.

3. The weather has finally gotten into the 70s. I can crawl out of my shell now.

4. I figured out how to use the Macro on my camera. I know! I'm an idiot! But it is SO cool.

5. We are officially credit-card debt free. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Now we just have to pay off my van and we can buy that dream home on the hill with the picket fence.

6. The 'talent' show is tomorrow and when I say 'talent' I mean my kids have made up some goofy dances and are getting up in front of the school to do them. Hey, what can I say, they learned it from me. I did "PYT" in 5th grade, so more power to them.

7. I'm officially now back into my size (<) jeans! Woot! And am now at a 11:20 mile. My daughter just did a 7:40 minute mile yesterday. Makes me humble I guess.

8. My parents got back from Arkansas and brought me back a sweatshirt from Sam Walton's (founder of the illustrious Wal-Mart) hometown. I'm so proud.

9. I had this dream that I was this totally hot chick in a bikini last night. Dare to dream.

10. Last weekend I went out with a bunch of girls I did not know, the only one I knew being the 'birthday' girl. She got a limo and all the cute young girls were out the windows screaming at cute boys outside, "Woo hoo!" "Hey you're hot!" "What's your name?" I got to the window and shouted, "Do you have a 401K? What's your pension look like? Is your mother in the same state?"

11. Al had her first 'dance' last week and she said it was the most boring thing ever. Sure it was. I spent the entire time of her first non-chaperoned no adults I know there event chewing my nails and waiting for her to return. We cuddled on the bed and watched Return of the Jedi when she got home. That's my girl!!!

12. I meant to only go to five.

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