Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still shaking

Again I woke up getting shook, and there apparently have been numerous aftershocks in the area. It's pretty crazy, but interesting.

My parents took my minivan today to pick up a bookshelf they purchased, so I will be the cool soccer mom driving around in a green Oldsmobile.

Yesterday Mo figured out how to unlock the screen door and ran outside to freedom. She was already frolicking on the swing set by the time I realized it was just a little bit too quiet.

Finally, there are a few songs on my playlist I thought I would share. If you do not know of these songs, please go hunt them down on iTunes or elsewhere and listen. They are truly great songs.

1. "Everlong" acoustic version, Skin and Bones by the Foo Fighters
2. "Love's Divine" Seal
3. "I want Love" Elton John
4. "Mad man Across the Water" Elton John
5. "Melissa" Allman Brothers

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