Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Burrito

Good morning. This is my dear husband eating a La Bamba burrito. Their slogan is "Burritos as Big as your Head". It should be more like "Evacuate the Area after Your Husband Eats one of These."

We spent the weekend in Peoria, Illinois for a soccer tournament. We *almost* spent the weekend explaining to the Peoria police department why a parent from the other team had a soccer ball wedged into his underwear. In all my soccer mom years, I'd never seen a guy with the cajones this guy was toting. Not only did he come over to OUR side of the field where our parents were standing and taunted us ("if you didn't want to play a contact sport, go play tennis!") he also interrupted our coach's pep talk after the game (we LOST) and started making rude comments to him, in FRONT of his team. I was completely aghast, but didn't have enough time because all of a sudden my sweet, quiet husband got into his face and told him he needed to leave the premises stat. He was such a creep. I don't mean like, jerk parent going over the line creep, I mean he was driving a dirty old van and probably had frozen heads in his freezer kind of creep.

Then we had to play them the next day for the championship!

But soccer Karma was in our favor and after two overtimes and penalty kicks (one which my daughter scored!) we won the championship.

Then the little toad has the audacity to call us white trash, once again, in front of our kids, after not saying one thing to him! And THEN, and then...once we'd all left, one of the parents was getting into their car (from our team) and the weasel came over and APOLOGIZED for his behavior and told them to tell our team what a great job we'd done. WTF???!?!?!?!

All I can say is, I certainly hope that guy has signed up for some tennis lessons.

This week is a pretty slow week for us. Next week I am going with Al on her school overnight field trip to a southern Il camp. It should be fun, I love the outdoors and am not afraid of bugs, so that puts me in favor of having a good time. Hoss I will try to take some pictures of birds if I find some worth picturin'.

I may need to someone to make sure LP doesn't eat any more of those burritos though!


The Kept Woman said...

La Bamba...yummmm. Can you believe we ACTUALLY have those here in Madison? Crazy...no IKEA, no Costco, no Pottery Barn Kids but yes, we have La Bamba!!!

Some parents are stupid. That's all. Karma is a bitch indeed and that's why I like her.

Vajana said...

i didn't realize they were so widespread. Not something that should be, IMO. La Bamba's + drinking = Bad mojo.

I know, Karma is a great gal. She certainly showed up on time this weekend!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That nerd is some kind of chameleon, sure enough. But enough about him, and more about you, who can write mighty fine.