Monday, October 01, 2007

What I did this weekend, Haiku style

Friday Wal-Mart trip
I still forgot to get bread
My life is so lame.

Fell asleep at nine
Long ago Friday meant bars
I like to have sleep.

Pancakes for breakfast
The weather is so pretty
Ran out of syrup

Soccer games galore
Al has handball in the box
Bad call but they win

Clean up the basement!
The realtor is coming soon
Polly Pockets gone.

Yay I get sushi!
Which roll do I like the best?
Mmm I'd say lobster.

The Landing is nice
Drinking wine and watching the
Bachelorettes get drunk

Sunday more soccer
The parents are so crazy
They are only 10!

Time to wind it down
Read Olivia to Rug
That girl is so fun!

Life can be a bore
I'm so glad that there's haiku
Appreciate more!!!!

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