Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This weekend is going to be yet another whirlwind. I stayed up late last week to watch "Click" with Adam Sandler, and although it was very cheesy, I could relate to his mind set. Sometimes I wish I could fast forward through things, but I know i'd end up missing a lot. It's hard to slow down and enjoy!

Biggest news out of this weekend...we're going back to Disney World!!!!!! I could burst. LP and I were discussing doing a 'mini-trip' there next year since we're wanting to go on a cruise just the two of us, but want to do a family vacation also...and then Rug got invited to be on a soccer team in a Disney tournament in January!! It's really exciting. We get discount hotel accommodations and Rug gets to play soccer in the Happiest Place on Earth. What more could a soccer Mom ask for?? I'm already working on my strategy because with a 13 month old along things will definitely have to be modified! I have started to write a list of characters I didn't get to see last time that I'm hoping to see again. Oh yeah, it's for the kids...that's right. Whatever! I have already made reservations for a character breakfast. I know, get a life, right? Well, it could be worse...I could be a Yankees fan.

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