Friday, October 12, 2007

Not the One and Other Things I am behind on

So disappointed in my house. It was supposed to be the One!! It was by far the worst and cluttered-est floor plan we've seen to date. 5 bedrooms in a ranch is usually not a good idea, especially if you take space from the kitchen to do so. It was awful.

I did not feel defeated however. I know that if it's meant to be, it is meant to be. Both LP and I felt this as a sign that maybe, perhaps, we should stay put. Attempt to rotate the girls sharing a room, since Miss M will be big enough to be in a bed by next year. I asked Al if she thought she could take it, sharing with Rug until Miss M turned 2, and she said 'as long as I don't have to find Caprisun wrappers in the corner every day'. Spoken like a true woman.

We are going to go ahead as planned with trying to sell the house though, after we fix a few more things (such as the drywall). But if more things keep popping up, we will drop it altogether. We are going to give it until March. If Al survives living with rug that long.


Al has recently been obsessed with Harry Potter. When it first came out, she was little so it meant nothing to her, and of course I was chasing a punk baby around so I never read the books. Now Al is reading all the books back to back, and then watching the movies as well. It's all Harry Potter, all the time around here. We are not one to be to date with the trends, people.

Now some boys at school have told her about the Potter Pals, and for days my kids have been belting this nice ditty out 24/7.

It's no wonder I'm slowly losing my marbles.

If that is not enough to satiate your YouTube viewing for the day, you can always check out The SNL Harry Potter skit with Lindsay Lohan. Hee-larious.

I'm outta here this weekend...but be sure that I'll be watching SNL with the Foo Fighters Saturday night...regardless of what time zone I might be in. :)

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