Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nine Months! Already!

Miss M. Can we talk about your obsession with the cat food? Not a day has gone by that you haven't invaded the cats property with them staring at you in disgust. I know they are planning a revolt. Even when I give you a bowl of Fruity Tooties (cuz I'm too cheap for the real thing) you just throw them around like they're confetti and head straight for the cat bowl. I cannot imagine Purina tastes better than Fruity Tooties, but what do I know...I do not eat cat food.

Recently you have begun pulling up on my desk chair while I am working, leaving me completely at your mercy because if I remotely swivel the chair, you will get knocked out. Or you prefer when you sit on my lap and type your own medical terminology. I'm sure somewhere someone has had a cholecsssssssssssssssdoodfiaiucystectomy.

Now that your sisters are in school, picking them up is the joy and highlight of your day. Absence certainly makes the heart fonder. I won't tell them what you do in their room while they are gone.

You and Daddy have a ritual every night, he rocks you to sleep. He adores the heck out of you. I adore getting a half an hour of peace.

I can't believe you've been alive as long as you were in my belly. I prefer you outside.

Love you Kenner!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Nice paean to the babe in the woods. Ain't they the best?

paintergirl said...

Oh my gosh is this the little tyke-look how adorable. I can't believe it's been that long. How are the big sister's?

The Kept Woman said...


So sweet.

(I want to pinch her cheeks)