Monday, August 06, 2007

Monotony has kicked in

Soccer has started. Blogging therefore shall suffer.

Hoss borrowed the meme I borrowed from somewhere (not sure where) and that makes me Pretty Darn Important. Hoss, I owe you a bottle of headache medicine.

The houses were almost exactly what we wanted. Unfortunately for us EXACTLY is about 100K more than what we can afford. So we shall keep looking. The thing is though, we sort of really love the house we live in except for a few things:
1. School District sux (they go to private school now but the shenanigans at that place have me almost pulling my hair out...)
2. Only 3 bedrooms. Rug and AL are almost at the duct tape line in the middle of the room phase.
3. No bathroom in the basement. That's just cuz we're lazy.

Otherwise, everything is pretty nice. Since we remodeled the kitchen and did a bunch of work to it, it's almost exactly what we want. So we're at a bit of a crossroads. Some people suggest we build, but I actually love my husband and think that fighting over granite countertops is something I could do without.

Miss M is still eating the cat food. She can't get enough. She takes the bowl and just dumps it over her face, hoping to at least catch 2-3 in her mouth. Crazy baby.

And Al finally asked me what a period is. Ohhhh, dear. I told her I'd tell her later. Great, huh?

While we were in the last house with the realtor (which was SO close to being perfect) Rug clapped her hands together and said, "Ok, sooo, what do we gotta do here? Let's make an offer and talk about us getting this house." To the realtor!! We should just call her Poker Face from now on.

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Jana: In case you didn't know, a . is one of those things above a ;. Some people use them to indicate later: .......

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