Thursday, August 16, 2007

I still love sushi

Two weeks ago, Al found out she got the teacher she was hoping to have for 5th grade. I couldn't get the past the fact she was going INTO 5th grade, so I was just happy for her.

A week later, that teacher quit. Right before school starts! Ah!

So they quickly hired a new graduate. It's a BOY.

Al is very excited, yet apprehensive. She is hoping he'll be as good as the other male teachers at the school.

I'm just hoping he's good lookin'. More incentive for me to volunteer, yah?


Lots of crossroads and decision making going around in our house. There is a blanket of indecision that is covering us. As well as 105 degree temperatures, which certainly is not conducive to proper decision making.
Mostly it's about school, and our kids becoming 'public schoolers'. I just can't get behind some of the stuff they're teaching up at their 'private' school, either inadvertently or in the curriculum...because it seems to me that tolerance is something that is pretty important in life, at least to LP and I, and I haven't seen much of that, between the parents or some of the 'officials'...I'm also a bit singed on the fact that my 2nd grader will have 26 kids in her class with no aide, but 3rd grade will have 28 kids and an aide because of 'politics'. Okay I'm just rambling here at this point, but bottom line is I want what is best for my kids, and this no longer looks to be it.

We are trying to save up money for the new house, so that means I don't get to eat sushi for awhile. This makes me sad. But I certainly don't want to attempt discount sushi again, I learned my lesson. I've seen some ridiculous campaigns for money on the internet (remember the chick who asked people to pay off her credit cards? Sorry lady but I'm not going to pay for your Jimmy Choo shoes when all I can afford is Payless!) so maybe I should start a Sushi fund. It's a thought.

And my air conditioning broke on Monday, but $140 later and it's still cool in here.

Miss M is in her room right now, talking and playing with her toys, waiting for someone to come in and welcome her to the new day. I think I'll accept that job.

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

Let the air conditioning stay broke. When it gets hot, just say to yourself, "It's not hot." Hell, I don't know, maybe it would work.