Sunday, August 19, 2007

Calm Before the School Storm

School starts tomorrow. And though my house will be cleaner, the "do-you-have-everything" factor of school stresses me the hell out. And dioramas. Whatever teacher came up with that, well, a bane on them.

Met the new teacher. he was extremely nervous but he looked pretty easy going. Al does not have a lot of high energy kids in her class this year so I think it will be a good year for her. I just hope this guy is prepared! How do you get a week to prepare for a whole year of 5th grade? I don't know. They say he's strong in math though, which is great because then I won't have as many awkward moments when she realizes that my math skills barely go beyond 5th grade. I have a hard time giving change at the yard sales we have every summer.

Speaking of, I had two sales in a row the last two weekends, and made almost $200 and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Note to those with no children: DO NOT BUY A DIAPER GENIE!! Just a waste and no one will buy it at your sale. I begrudgingly also sold 3 Build-A-Bears (approx. value $25 apiece) for $2 apiece. But they are no longer In. My. House. And that is most important. No real crazies this year, as yard sales tend to exhibit, unless you count the lady telling me about her ex-boyfriend needing a restraining order and her ex-husband wanting to kill him, etc. etc. Very interesting tale, had my daughter not been standing there.

The house hunting is not going well. I have found my dream house, unfortunately it is really far in the country. I do not want to hear my in-laws and parents complaining about how far we live from them. It would seriously drive me nuts. I'd rather live in a less wonderful house than have to hear about it. Oh, but this house. It's on 4.5 acres and has all the modern sinks and fixtures and it's just gorgeous. We've decided that if it's still on the market in March, we're going for it, angry grandparents be damned. At least we're not moving to California, which became a surprise option last week when LP got a job offer. That's still not been taken off the plate, though highly unlikely.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

You are right to go for the country house. People should be glad to drive out to see you: You could make smores or marshmallows, or something. It's YOUR life, so please yourself first.

kalki said...

I want to buy the country house and I haven't even seen it! Sounds wonderful.