Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Momma let's Meme!

Two Names You Go By:
Momma (never Mommy anymore...can't wait for Miss M to bring it back in style)
Hey, listen could you.... (this is LP's favorite)

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
My glasses
The best pair of Umbros in the world

Two Things You Want Badly At The Moment:
To lose my baby weight
Someone to reimburse me for the new brakes I had to put on the Grand Minivan

Two pets you have:
Aurorie Borie

Two things you did last night:
Took Al to soccer practice
Kept the marital bliss intact

Two Things You Will Do Tonight:
Oh! Oh! Go see a house that is for sale that I am super interested in--three words people...Floor warming System! Gah!
I'm guessing I will have to cook dinner of some sort for this family of mine. Where is the Iron Chef when I need him?

Two Favorite Holidays:
Christmas (the in-laws could never break me as much as they try)
4th of July (remember I'm a fireworks junkie)

Two Things You Can't Live Without:
My morning internet fix
Peanut butter

Two Favorite Numbers:
23, 26 and 21

Two Current Favorite Songs:
Rehab by Amy Winehouse, is it wrong that when I ask my girls if they want to go somewhere, they reply, "No, no, no!"
Ok, this is totally showing my Soccer mom-ness, but the girls have been listening to Aly & AJ's new song, "Potential Breakup song" and I like it! Even if one of them was on "Phil of the Future"! (this may need even more explaining...Disney show, the boy is from the future, their time machine breaks down in the present know, your basic sitcom premise)

Two Favorite Sports:

Two Good Drinks:
Diet Dr. Pepper
A good Pina Colada

Two TV Shows:
Moving Up (my new favorite to watch while I'm attempting to cook dinner, more on it later)

Two Favorite Foods:
My mom's spaghetti
Assuming this means food and not chocolate and/or peanut butter, because in that case it would totally be a peanut butter toast sandwich or brownies, let's say my other favorite food is sushi.

Two Favorite Passions in Life:
Being a goddess, even a domestic one
Trying to make my kids to have as little therapy as adults as I can


Wish me luck tonight on this new house. It's in a perfect location (corn field) and has a great yard (read: soccer practice) and did I mention the floor warming system? It gets cold here!

One more thing...I had a flash of youth yesterday, as my minivan is getting new brakes, they gave me a sweet Pacifica to drive...I almost felt like I was back in college...listening to tunes on the radio, with my hair blowing in the wind.

Then the baby spit up.


The Kept Woman said...

Soooooooooooooooooooo do tell about the house!!!!

I'm very excited (perhaps a little too much even) about the floor warming system...(sigh)...

Vajana said...

No go. The house was way too small. We looked at two other ones, both new construction, and neither one were big enough for us. Soooo, the search continues.

The floor warming system was SO cool though. I wanted the house to be right just because of that!