Thursday, July 27, 2006

Follow up

Well my doctor's appt was yesterday and I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. Hm, interesting. She also asked several questions about the 'pain' I was having and that she would continue monitoring it. The followup ultrasound determined the mass they found was a contraction and that I had no ovarian cysts.

So I am still with this mystery pain, which is terribly inconsistent, but I don't think I will be changing doctors yet as I have enough to deal with at this point. With LP's insurance, changing doctors is also like moving to Mars in difficulty.

In the meantime I did take the girls to see Kelly Clarkson in concert. Boy that girl can sing. We all had a blast, and hell yeah I paid for Premier parking and 'accidentally' got placed in the VIP parking! Took me 10 minutes to zip outta there after the concert! Woot!

So in the meantime I will leave with a top 5 list, of which I have not done in awhile:

Top 5 Songs I am enjoying at the Moment:

5. "Crazy" Gnarles Barkley
4. "Ain't No Other Man" Christina Aguilera
3. "Gone" Kelly Clarkson
2. "Is It Any Wonder?" Keane
1. All the fun re-mixes of 80 songs on iTunes. Good times!


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I hope it's not from too much beer. A guy can hardly have too much beer.

Well, maybe a little....

Torie said...

My niece would be terribly jealous of your girls. She wanted to go see Kelly Clarkson when she was in town, but the concert was the same day as her birthday, and the party they planned did not include concert tickets for all of her friends.

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way about the mystery pain.

shellibells said...

I have an ovarian cyst (about 2cm) that never goes away...the dr has been telling me for years i need to go on the pill to keep it down and stable so i don't bleed abnormally or have pain. I hate the pill. i refuse. i have fairly regular periods unless i'm under a lot of stress and i also do have frequeunt irregular pain that supposedly is related to that and my stuborness.

i can however tell you that the first dr found nothing on a sick visit, so i pushed it aside and waited. It wasn't until 8 MONTHS AFTER my NEXT pap smear with teh same dr that i was told the insurance has changed (lie) and that my pap was slightly (only slightly enough not to avoid insurance procedure anymore) abnormal and insurance required me to retest. this is when the cyst was found. so it wasnt' the dr that made me retest...they claimed they saw it but it had originally been within normal limits. i don't think it takes 9 months to bill for a pap smear, so i'm thinking they "missed " it.

i would get a second opinion. pain usually means there is something NOT right, even if it's not anything HUGE.


Sheri & SuZan said...

Hope all turns out well over the mystery pain. What a great mix up with the parking. :)

I'll check back later for SPF.

Mama C said...

I saw Kelly last year and she rocked. She is still my fav AI. I was going to take my little one this year but she cancelled the show in Tx. Bummer! I so could have seen her again.

Sorry about the mystery pain.

I played SPF...some check it out.