Thursday, July 20, 2006


I had my followup ultrasound yesterday, and the sonographer not only found nothing else wrong with me, she could not find the supposed 'mass' that was found by the first sonographer. I should get my official results in a few days, but I'm even further perplexed by it all.

I did get to see little wee one again, she's growing like crazy and she took more pics. We are 99.9% sure her name is going to be Makenna. No we have not agreed on the middle name yet.

So here she is in all her little sweetness:


LynAnne said...

I have a friend who had to be followed closely during her pregnancy because of an abdominal mass (she has a genetic condition, don't worry, this very likely doesn't apply to you). It was very difficult for the sonographer to locate it while she was pregnant. As the baby grew things got pushed into odd locations.

Chances are that this scan was accurate, but you might ask for a follow-up scan (or MRI)post-partum. Hopefully you can find a dr. who is compassionate and willing to listen to you. Even if it's absolutely nothing, it is your right as a patient to feel reassured.

LynAnne said...

Eep, I submitted too quickly. I hope I don't worry you - I'm sure the sonographer looked very carefuly so her scan was accurate.

Anyhow, the ultrasound picture is so precious. I love when they show little hands or feet. Makenna is a beautiful name! We considered it while I was pregnant.

J Bo said...

I got to see my Piper the other day, too!!! Isn't it amazing?

Kep us posted on your results! And was this done at a new doctor's office?

Bente said...

Love the name!

Circus Kelli said...

Awwww... Makenna is such a pretty name!

Hello baby! :)

Odd Mix said...

How wonderful to see your little one. And Makenna is a lovely name.

Vajana said...

Lynanne: You didn't scare me at all. I'm just a little tired of not knowing what's wrong, when there is undoubtedly PAIN.

Jbo: This was my followup pelvic ultrasound but just ended up doing an OB one, so I got to see her again! I loved it! It was much clearer than the first one(this pic is from the first)

Bente & CK: Thanks, it took us a LOT of work to agree on it!

Oddmix: Yes, it was so cool to see her again.

Amy said...

Oh! Well isn't she something with her lovely limbs moving about!

Makenna, what a great name and I love the spelling.

Susie said...

She's beautiful :) So is her name.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, if you are sure it's a girl, I guess I will abort my campaign to get you to name "him" Benjamin.

How about Benjamina for a middle name for the girl?