Friday, August 04, 2006


There is just too much going on for me to blog. Unfortunately I'm not one of those blogs that people wait with bated breath for a post, so it causes me sometimes to be a slacker. Plus I'm a "Mommyblogger" I guess, and I would really love to steer clear of all THAT broo-ha ha.

I've got enough in my real life to deal with! :)

LP threw his back out again and has been on Vicodin again, but we still had to have the girls' room painted by this weekend, so he's in there doing it. My house is a complete tornado of a mess, and I would really like to hire one of those professional organizers. It's killing me.

In the meantime though, I have been thoroughly enjoying EtiquetteHell. There have been some 'issues' with the baby shower some friends want to throw me, and I try to live as drama-free as I can, and from this website I see that I have it much better than off than some! Although I could write in about how my MIL gave me their rocking chair as a 'handed down' gift for my baby shower with Al, only after about 10 months she asked for it BACK, telling me it was never mine to 'keep'...and then selling it at a yard sale a few years later. That's gold right there. I wasn't sure what to put in her baby book as to what gift we received from them...'rocking chair that was on loan'???? Loony!

School starts in 2 weeks, and I would like to say things are getting slower but they've just started to pick up. It's Soccer Season. For us Soccer Moms that means focusing on the sidelines because, according to some, it's all we have in our sad, pathetic lives and we have to cling onto it and pretend we are happy even though we *really* aren't. Heh, it's too bad I truly am happy. I guess I'll have to live with it. :)

Hope everyone has a drama free, hate-free weekend!


Lee said...

LOL at the mommybloggers...come on jump in the'll be fun ;)

J Bo said...

OMG, Jana, I was just saying that the other day...not about the rocking chair, but about my husband needing to be on Vicodin. OK, no, I really mean that I wanted to higher an organizer, too!!! My house is in shambles, as well, and in addition to the disorganization, Monkey Hill needs a good scrubbing, too.

We still have a month before school starts here!

Hang in there, friend, and happy weekend!

Amy said...

ack! a temporary rocking chair gift! How nuts is that??

I hear you about the home organizers, honey. I look around this place of mine sometimes and just cringe, then cry, then I leave.

Hang in there, eh.