Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Day, say Qua style

Scene: LP and I, drinking wine in front of our new fireplace, discussing the aftermath of a stuffing passive/aggressive situation between the in-laws for Thanksgiving that is resulting in our less than enthusiastic anticipation for the impending holiday:

LP: I say we say screw them all and let them eat their own damn stuffing by themselves!

Me: Man, we are SO exactly like that new Vince Vaughn movie coming out.

LP: (with lightbulb over head) That's it! Instead of Thanksgiving here next year, let's take the girls to Disney World and have turkey and stuffing with Mickey and Minnie! It'd be perfect, I'd only have to take 2 days vacation, the girls would only miss a few days of school and....what do you think J?

Me: (not responding as I am already booking the hotel).

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kalki said...

So many times we've almost talked ourselves into getting the hell out of here for the holidays...