Thursday, November 20, 2008

downloaded some pics

so i finally found the USB cord to download some pics. We have one room painted (Al's room) and we will be painting the 'green' room this weekend...after I lose my mind and have family over here tomorrow night for mo's birthday...yes, that is right she is 2 tomorrow (whimper, cry, go fetal). So anyway, here are some pics. I LOVE my office, the ability to shut the door to the madness is just wonderful to me.

I do have to say that having people help you move is fantastic. However, if said people are stocking your fridge, make sure they do not put the eggs on the bottom shelf where a 2-year-old can reach them and throw them onto the floor.

(the one of the family is us at the old house during the madness of moving, saying goodbye to the house that was home for 10 years...and LP going, OK, let's hurry this up)

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