Sunday, November 02, 2008


I've deveoped a slight head cold this weekend from burning my Supermom candle at both ends, but still I persist! Who cares, I'm moving!!! Woot!

I've learned a lot about Craigslist this week, in that some people are really weird, some are rude, and some are just spectacular. I've had more spectacular and that is wonderful to me.

i also learned that giving free CDs to teachers makes them VERY happy. :) Who knew my husband's old Aphrodite's Child CD would make an 8th grade teacher giggle so? I was just glad to be rid of's pretty awful. Hated to see the Cole Porter one go, but what are you gonna do, it's on my iTunes.

Lastly, Halloween came and went pretty quickly. Mo ran out of gas once we were around the circle of our street, so I took her home and Rug went with a neighbor. Apparently Al feels that working for candy was not worth her while, so she spent the night at her aunt's and watched "Poltergeist" for the first time.

Here are some pics from the festivities. We are moving most of our stuff Wed. and then closing Friday, so not sure if I'll be around this week or not. If not, then I'll see you from the new digs!!!

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