Monday, August 04, 2008

Lame Things to Keep Me Going

Well it's late and I can't sleep so blogging is the best second alternative to slumber. For me anyway, because if there are any readers out there, this is going to be D-U-L-L.

Some things:

Mo has some new phrases.
"I You?" Which is her way of asking me to sing that blasted Barney theme song. She caught it once on TV and it has forever stuck to her as a perfect lullaby.

"Up Above so High?" Again, lullaby singing request, this one for Twinkle Twinkle.

"That is SO kewl". Usually after something her sister does that makes her laugh.

"Oh, no SHIT" Yeah, well, I drop things. A lot. She is a parrot. (she said this in front of my mom and fortunately she thought it hilarious. Whew!)

"Sit down." "All done" and "Side?" All just your basic demands from a 20 month old.


In other news, we had two people see the house this weekend. One came back saying it was too small for them. (Dude, we have a HUGE house for this price range. Clearly a couple with eyes bigger than their wallets. Unless we're at their low end price range). The other we have yet to hear from. I hate to be hopeful because once I am, the floor falls below me. It's not bumming me out anymore though. The worst that could happen is we still have a fantastic family in a smaller house. I can handle it!

LP had to replace the sump pump this weekend, and I thought it was going to be a huge undertaking but he got it done in like a half an hour. I was impressed by his Tim Allen male-ness and rewarded him appropriately. He got to watch football and all that other junk ALL weekend.

This week we are going to see Tom Petty and Steve Winwood. It should be fun, but certainly not as emotionally provoking at the Foos were.

oh and I'm reading "Wicked" and it's really good, and I'm going to go read it right now because it should make me sleepy. I have "Year of Magical thinking" on hold for me at the library as soon as I'm done.

That is all.

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

A new sump pump? Houses should not begin to fall apart just as you're trying to sell them. Tell 'em I said so....