Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love Jasper Indiana so much. It is just a nice quaint little German town. I heart it. enjoying every millisecond of my time here.

Check out the German restaurant we ate at last night, and apparently according to my husband, will be eating at again this evening as he cannot have enough German food.


Right now Mo is sleeping, the older two are with their grandparents, LP is downloading every possible iPhone application to my iPhone, and I am having a nice, quiet moment getting to know my new laptop (yes, I know, this is my very FIRST laptop, crazy, no?) and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and eating the free hotel cookies.

Bliss. Pure bliss.

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, I have to educate another one: Dr Pepper is Dr Pepper without the period. It is Dr Pepper, NOT Dr. Pepper. Boy, some children are tough on me.....

Listen, did I ever tell you about my first serious girl friend in highschool? Here's here entire name, as often called out by her mother: "Ella Vijanette Sterling," which was always followed with "you get in here." Anyway, it was so close to Jana I had to tell you. Didn't I?