Thursday, August 28, 2008

I told you all those pictures were of Mo. She is so cute though, no?

I've had so many things in my head to post but of course they all have vanished in the air. The best I can tell you is that my husband thinks he is a Pro at grocery shopping, yet he went Sunday and forgot milk and white bread. Pro--bably the worst grocery shopper ever. We do have tons of chips and beer now though.

The job is going better. My head is spinning with all the new reports I've learned. If you ever need to be scanned for gallstones, I know what to look for. Thoracentesis? I'm your lady. Needle biopsy? Haven't got that one done quite yet. You don't want to be getting one of those any way.

The girls have had their first whole week of school this week, and they've been hanging pretty well. We have NOTHING this weekend except to chill and play Mario Cart on the Wii and probably not drink as much Dixie cup wine.

And if this is sarah, stop reading right now lady.

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kalki said...

"Pro--bably the worst grocery shopper ever."