Friday, April 06, 2007

SPF Friday- HOLEY!

I know it's been a long time since I've participated in SPF (Stuff Portrait Friday) but with the addition of my new camera, things are on the up and up. Even if my participation this week is really stretching it.

The theme is "Holey" I guess due to Easter and all (Kristine found Jesus...thank goodness). Yesterday Rug and I made this fantabulous Rice Krispie Bunny, and Rice Krispies are very HOLEY so there, I followed the rules.

Rug decorated Mr. Bunny all by herself--Swedish Fish eyebrows and all-- and was quite proud. Proud enough, in fact, to put her little sister on the table and take her temperature or squish her head down, if you take this picture literally. I didn't take the picture, LP did. I was in here, oddly enough, looking up Dionysus on Wikipedia. Don't ask.

Happy Easter and...DIDJA PLAY???


Wendy said...

Too cute! Thanks for stopping by.

Jana said...

Um, go back to your comment on Kristine's SPF and click your name. Talk about Holy! Did you do that on purpose?

Vajana said... Totally forgot a letter in my web address. That was funny though huh!

Kami said...

Dude. I clicked on your first link, and was like, WTH? I thought your blog was hijacked. It was appropriate, no?

Random and Odd said...

LOL, yeah...I thought you did that as a joke on my site!! I was like, "I KNOW I'M GOING TO HELL, GEEZ JANA!!" hee hee. Then I noticed you missed your B.

I think the bunny looks sad with those eyebrows. Like he knows he's going to get eaten!!


Suzanne R said...

Oh, how cute! Great and clever interpretation of the theme, too. Thanks for stopping by!

Connie said...

That is so cute. Thanks for stopping by.

Uzz said...

That bunny looks pretty cool! You should be proud of her!

I played as well!